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Realtree™ Fishing Camo Jerseys, Hoodies & More
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Realtree Fishing Jersey SB1017SAMPLE - Part Camo

Use as backgrounds on your custom products

Realtree™ Fishing Camo can be used on any E3 Custom Product - jerseys, hoodies, neckgaiters, leggings etc. The camo can be all-over, or just in parts of the garment. Just choose the Realtree™ Fishing Camo color you want to use on your garment. Then, in the background box of the order form you are using, enter the camo color (or specify school logo color Pantones) and if you are using the camo as part of one of our backgrounds or over the entire garment.

You can do 3-4 colors to match your team, group, or company logo colors - or enter the name of a sports team that uses the colors you want. If you have any questions about how to use Realtree™ Fishing Camo on your custom product, please contact us.

Sample Patterns

Below are just a few examples of camo color combinations. You can use any sports team colors, or your team/company logo colors. Patterns can be done in any two or three color combination.

Realtree Fishing Jersey SB1017SAMPLE Camo all over
Hunter Green
Dark Grey
Light Blue
Burnt Orange