Logo Information

At E3 Sport, we understand that you need your custom apparel as soon as possible. Because the process of collecting your logos and having them in a format we can use can be very time consuming, please carefully read the information below. It contains information that can speed up the process of designing your jersey. Please don't be overwhelmed by all the info below! We will work with you to make the logo process as easy and fast as possible.

Placing your order:
When you fill out any of the order forms on our website, you will only need to enter the name of the logo and the position. There is a 'position' chart on the page with each form. This chart is just a guide. You can add postions together to make larger logos, and , if you have special position needs you can write that in the message box.

You do not need to send any logos at the time of form submission. After you submit your order, you will be sent an email with your order ID number. Please put your order ID number in the subject line of emails to us - that is the only way we can match your emails to your order. When we receive your order, a designer will review your list of logos, and if we do not have them you will be sent an email from logos@e3sport.com requesting what we need. Simlpy reply to that email with your logos attached and we will get started on your design.

We haves a large library of sponsor logos, however the ultimate repsponsibilty for providing logos is with you, the customer. Most logos for "local" sponsors and smaller companies you will have to supply. It is very important that the logos you send are in a "vector" format. To make your jersey’s print with the highest quality possible, we prefer to use only vector graphics. When enlarged for a jersey, vector images will not become “pixilated” (fuzzy) as will bitmap Images such as jpegs.

Logo formats we can use:
Vector logos will normally have extensions of .ai, .cdr, .eps, or .pdf. (While these extensions are usually vector, they can also contain bitmaps that we can't use) Send us what you have and if they are not usuable we will let you know.

Logos we can NOT use:. It is the policy of E3 Sport to never use inferior quality logos that will corrupt the quality of our products. For that reason, the following cannot be used:

-images copied for the internet are almost NEVER usable. The resolution is too small, and they will be "pixelated" when enlarged.
-Scans of business cards
-Photos or bitmap images that have a background.

If you can't get us your logos in a vector format, there are some options:

1. If you are sending something that we can easily repair or make work, we will do so at no charge.
2. We can create a "TEXT" logo for you using an artistic font that is similar to your logo. There is no charge for this.
3. We can send your logo to a service that can convert most logos to a vector. Most logos can be vectorized for $15. If you have a very complicated logo, we can get you a quote before sending the logo for conversion.

Permission for Logo usage:
E3 Sport is a manufacturer of custom apparel - we are making a custom garment for you at your specifications. We will let you know if we think you are asking for a logo that might be restricted, but it is your responsibilty to have permissions for any logos you ask to be printed on your apparel.