College Fishing Jerseys

Our Elite Dye Sublimation Tournament Fishing Jersey at a special price for Colleges & Universities

College Team Prices

Short Sleeve Jersey(S-2XL) $49.00
Long Sleeve Jersey(S-2XL) $59.00
Long Sleeve Jersey w/hood (S-2XL) $64.00
Hoodie (S-2XL) $69.00
Neck Gaiter (S-2XL) $10.50
Size 3XL add $5
Size 4XL add $10
Size 5XL $15


  • Only 2 Jerseys required for College Pricing
    (must have same background & logos)
  • Reorder as little as 1 piece for same price
  • Choose Zip, Crew, or v-neck collar - no extra charge for collar style
  • Moisture management performance fabric
  • UV protection
  • Men's, Women's & Youth sizes

Please read our Order Guidelines before filling out the form. The guidelines explain the ordering process in detail and can speed up your turnaround time.

After you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email with more information and instructions for sending in your logos.

Collar Choices:


Choose your background from our Sample Backgrounds (link to backgrounds is in the footer of this page). You can change colors on almost all. Enter any other instructions for your background in the background box on the order form, including sample background number, colors, and camo Brands//Colors.

To see Realtree Fishing Camo pattern samples go here. All patterns can be used over entire jersey or just parts of your background.

To see Prym1 Camo go here.  If you have questions, please contact us.

Logo Position Chart:

This chart is a guide for placing your sponsor logos. For larger logos, you can combine positions - For example, L1+L2 +L3 for a verticle logo on sleeve, or F7+F10 for a big logo on the front.

E3 logo positions E3 logo positions